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Amina iQ1 plaster in-wall speaker

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The Amina iQ1 speaker represents the ultimate in minimalist design. Introduced to meet the needs of those who want invisible audio at an attractive price point, the iQ1 offers more for less.
All of the speakers in the Amina iQ range represent the ultimate in minimalist design at an attractive price point. Each speaker has been designed to be concealed within in walls or ceilings of your home resulting in a truly invisible finish. No more trailing wires, no more speakers on walls, just brilliant sound with no visual compromise.

Opti-Drive Technology
Optimally distributes the audio signal to the speaker’s vibrational excitation units to ensure exceptional high frequency articulation, on and off axis. The result,
improved tonal balance and treble detail.

Opti-Damping Technology

Delivers increased low frequency extension and improved mid-range accuracy by selectively tuning discrete vibrational modes that are generated in the loudspeaker’s acoustic soundboard panel.

* 10 year residential warranty only applies when installed by a trained professional
Streaming audio services

Use the IQ1 for...

Multi room audio
Use with multi room audio systems such as Sonos and Control 4

Home cinema
Use for front left and right channels in home cinema applications

Best suited to medium size rooms
Technical specification

IQ1 technical specification

Efficiency - 83dB 1m
Power handling (continuous / peak) - 15 / 30 Watts
Impedance - 8 Ohms
Frequency range - 112Hz - 20kHz
Requires in line protection unit - iQP1 or APU RS8E
Height x width x depth - 400mm x 300mm x 40mm
Weight - 0.83 Kg
Fixing requirements - Amina speaker backbox CV300 or SW300
10 year warranty

IQ1 features

Completely invisible, high fidelity loudspeaker
Easy to install into cavity walls, solid walls or ceilings
Simply skim over with finishing plaster, wood or wood veneer
Features new technologies providing smooth frequency response and enhanced clarity
10 year limited warranty for residential applications*

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