Artcoustic SL Multi Soundbar 1683

Artcoustic pioneered the concept of an all in one LCR (Left, Centre and Right) soundbar as far back as 1998, and the SL version is an evolution of this classic loudspeaker. The SL Multi Soundbar 1683 can be used as a single LCR loudspeaker, or for more powerful systems, used as a single mono centre channel. The standard sizes are designed to complement today's flat screens. Bespoke width options are also available.

Available in black or white and includes matching screens, which are interchangeable using a magnetic mount. For a small additional cost both the cabinet and screen can be customised to your favorite paint or RAL colour.

SL 1683 specification

Operating Range - 65 Hz to 40 KHz
L, R and centre Sensitivity - 87 dB
L, R and centre Max SPL - 101 dB
Centre (mono) Sensitivity - 97 dB
Centre (mono) Max SPL - 109 dB
Height / Width / Depth - 100mm x 1683mm x 67mm
Weight - 12 kg
Cabinet - Black, White, Custom
Screen - Black, White, Custom
To create incredible loudspeakers you need incredible components and Artcoustic carefully selects the finest around, using only the highest quality drivers hand picked from Danish suppliers for the ultimate in sound reproduction.

In order to achieve the highest quality possible, high grade copper coils and bypass capacitors are employed in all models and non-inductive resistors are used throughout.

No detail has been overlooked to deliver the finest loudspeakers possible with no compromise in performance.
Each and every Artcoustic speaker is painstakingly constructed by hand, no manufacturing line, no robots. A team of dedicated craftsmen ensure that the original designs are delivered with care, attention to detail, passion and pride.

Before leaving the factory every loudspeaker is inspected visually and technically to ensure that it is deserving of the Artcoustic name.
Artcoustic speakers

Choose your style

Artcoustic provides a canvas like no other, allowing you to create your own unique style. In a few simple steps you can personalise your loudspeakers to suit your interior. Choose from an unlimited selection of colours for the cabinet, a matching coloured screen or a digitally printed artwork, chosen from our gallery or your own designs.