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Hoody 1 fire rated speaker hood

Hoody 1 fire and acoustic rated speaker hoods help to protect against the potential spread of fire in your home or business. Hoody speaker hoods meet all relevant UK building and IEE Regulations relating to audio and fire dispersion in the home and are Parts B,L,C and E compliant.
Results in simulated tests carried out by the British building research team show that a fire in a typical living room can reach 350°C in just 3 minutes. At these temperatures a standard ceiling speaker would melt within around 40 seconds, giving little or no protection to the ceiling void in to which it is installed allowing fire to spread quickly to rooms or floors above.

Hoody 1 speaker hoods are designed to restore the integrity and fire rating of a ceiling once a hole has been cut for placement of a speaker. In the event of fire, the speaker hood will offer protection for up to 66 minutes providing occupants valuable time to escape the building.

Do I need speaker hoods?
Regulations state that fire rated speaker hoods need to be installed below any habitable room or means of access or escape in the event of fire. Generally speaking a two storey house will require hoods to be fitted to all speaker locations on the ground floor, houses with three storeys will require hoods to be fitted to all speaker locations on both the ground and first floor.

For the purpose of safety, we advise that all ceiling speakers be fitted with fire hoods.

Reduce sound leakage

One of the biggest concerns raised by home owners wanting to install ceiling speakers in their property is how the sound will travel to rooms around where speakers are located. Hoody 1 speaker hoods help to eliminate the travel of sound between rooms and floors by preventing the leakage of sound from the speaker.

Additional insulation can also be applied around the speaker location to further help in the reduction of sound travel. In locations where additional insulation is applied the hood will also help to protect the speaker from dust and other floating debris in the ceiling.

Regulation compliant

Hoody 1 speaker hoods have undergone fire resistance tests employing the general procedures and criteria of BS476 Part 22, 23 and 23 (Clause 5 1987) in various ceiling and floor constructions. Integrity results of up to 240 minutes have been achieved. Also tested to NEN 6069 (1997).

Key features

  • Dimensions - 265mm x 160mm
  • Prevents fire from penetrating the ceiling void and retains ceiling's fire protection integrity
  • Helps to reduce sound leakage to floors above
  • Acoustic rated for compliance with document L of the building regulations
  • Installed in seconds and maintenance free
  • Can be used for retro fit or new build installations
  • Use in suspended or plasterboard ceilings
  • Meets UK building regulations BS476 Part 23 relating to audio and fire dispersion in the home Parts E & F - 2004
  • Tested to EN 6069 (1997)

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Hoody 1 fire rated speaker hood