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Lithe Audio IP44 Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speaker

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The Lithe Audio IP44 Bluetooth ceiling speaker allows you to wirelessly stream your audio from any Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone, Ipad, Andriod phone or Bluetooth enabled PC with ease. Ideal for Bathrooms, whether you are singing in the shower or relaxing with some soft music in the bath, this Bluetooth ceiling speaker delivers smooth rounded tones with pin sharp clarity.

The Lithe Audio IP44 Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speaker can be connected to power via your lighting circuit or simply plugged into a plug socket. For large rooms it can also be connected to a second speaker via an extra cable, but thanks to its excellent sound quality, just one speaker is often enough to achieve crisp, high quality audio.

The speaker has a protective metal grill which can be painted allowing you to seamlessly blend it into the décor of your chosen room. A rapid-mount system makes installation easy and fast, and a four-digit PIN code allows for more secure initial setup. Once connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, the speaker's integrated device memory will allow instant audio playback for future use. The speaker's wireless range is up to 10 metres, and allows for streaming of music from both your personal library and online services such as Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music and more. It can also be hardwired to any non-Bluetooth device via RCA input to allow playback of audio from stereos, televisions or computers.

Voice control with Amazon Echo Dot
The standard model is compatible with an Amazon Echo Dot via the RCA connection only
The 'No pin' model option is compatible with an Amazon Echo Dot via Bluetooth or the RCA connection

Is a separate amplifier needed for this speaker?

No, everything you need is included within the speaker itself, you just need to connect the speaker to a power supply.

Can the speakers be easily wired to the mains supply?
Yes; the ceiling speaker can be connected to the lighting circuit via a ceiling rose or junction box. Instructions are included with the speaker, but be sure to seek help from a qualified electrician to avoid damage to you or the product.

Can multiple devices be used to stream audio to the speaker?
Yes. Only one device can be connected to the speaker at one time, but to use another device you can simply disconnect the first and connect the new one. Once each device has been set up with the 4-digit security pin, they will automatically connect to the speaker providing that another device is not currently connected.
Streaming audio services

Use for...

Multi room audio
Use the Lithe Audio IP44 Bluetooth ceiling speaker to create a wireless multi-room audio system in bathrooms and en-suites

Best suited to small and medium size rooms
Technical specification

Technical specification

Sensitivity - 90dB 1W/1m
Power recommendations - 50 Watts
Power supply - DC24V
Impedance - 8 Ohms
Frequency range - 65Hz - 20kHz
Diameter x depth - 230mm x 95mm
Cut-out - 210mm

6.5 inch kevlar woven cone
1.2 inch titanium tweeter
2 year warranty


2 year warranty
Works with any Bluetooth V4.0 device
Auto detects RCA connection
Output for additional passive speaker (Speaker pair option)
Works with Amazon Echo Dot (Optional)
Wireless range up to 10M
4-digit pin code for initial set-up and security
Linked device memory for instant playback of music
Weight 3.05 kg
Frequency range 2.4GHz - 2.4832GHz (ISM Band)
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Lithe Audio IP44 Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speaker