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Monitor Audio SB3 soundbar

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The Monitor Audio SB3 is an elegant and simple way to add home cinema quality sound to your TV. Simply connect the SB3 to an AV receiver and experience movies in dynamic high definition audio. Best suited to TVs 60 inches in size and above.

Lifetime Warranty
If it’s a sleek looking soundbar you are after, look no further. The Monitor Audio SB3 has neatly placed left, right and centre speakers in one sleek casing and with its black grille and contrasting aluminium side panels, this discreet solution will seamlessly integrate with 60” TV’s and above.

The super slim height and depth make this stylish soundbar easy to place by your TV. And with the additional option of a wall bracket, your SB3 will definitely look as good as it sounds.

The SB3 is sure to massively improve the sound of your TV, while in larger rooms it can be partnered with a Monitor Audio subwoofer to further enhance your audio system and viewing experience.

You wont be disappointed by the Monitor Audio SB3 when it comes to sound quality.
Featuring four 4” C-CAM mid-range drivers, three 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeters and four ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Reflex) speakers, you will experience deep and powerful base. Whilst the accurate mid-range and detailed treble response offers precise audio that sounds every bit the hi-fi speaker.

And best of all, if you love the idea of a Monitor Audio soundbar but cant bring yourself to ‘out’ your existing AV receiver, then the SB3 is the one for you. Simply plug straight into the left, centre and right channel outputs of your existing AVR and you are good to go!
Streaming audio services

Perfect for...

Multi room audio
Use with multi room audio systems such as Sonos and Control 4

Home cinema

Perfect for improving the sound of your TV and home cinema applications

Best suited to medium and larger size rooms
Technical specification

Monitor Audio SB3 specification

Efficiency - 84dB - 87dB 1W/1m
Impedance - 8 Ohms
Frequency range - 80Hz - 30kHz (-3dB)
Weight - 9.1Kg
Recommended amplifier requirements - 30 - 100 Watts
Height x Width x Depth - 145mm x 1310mm x 89mm

4 x 100mm C-CAM cone bass/mid drivers
3 x 25mm C-CAM gold dome tweeters
Lifetime warranty

Monitor Audio SB3 key features

Individual C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) bass/mid driver for left and right channels, twin drivers for the centre channel
C-CAM gold dome tweeters per channel
Individual Auxiliary Bass Reflex (ABR) for left and right channels, twin ABRs for the centre channel
Three separate driver arrays for left, centre, right channels in a single cabinet
Optional dedicated wall bracket
Integrated silicon feet provide a secure cabinet-top mounting alternative
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Monitor Audio SB3 soundbar