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Pakedge PowerPak 8I 8 outlet surge protected intelligent power distribution unit

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The Pakedge PowerPak 8i is a complete power control solution for AV and smart networks. It was designed with one function in mind, to keep your power managed devices operating when you want them to and turned off when you want them to. This is accomplished through a suite of technologies and features that enable the PDU to be monitored, configured and operating autonomously through the local network or remotely through the cloud.
The Pakedge PowerPak 8I is an eight outlet surge protected PDU with all eight ports completely configurable and managed. The outlets operate in two possible autonomous modes, self healing mode and timer mode. The Self-healing mode automatically reboots frozen or non-responsive devices if it doesn’t respond to pings from the built in Auto Ping server. The PDU can be configured to allow the affected units to power up in a controlled sequence in order to ensure that certain units have completed their restart tasks, before the next unit powers up. Timer mode is used to turn devices turned on and off according to the user defined schedule.

The PDU can be turned on and off on-demand through email commands to the PDU, Telnet through the console port and by web browser to the management menu. In addition to manual commands, the PDU can integrate with control and automation systems through the console port. The PowerPak 8I is fully compatible with the Bakpak Cloud Management System, unlocking features such as complete remote power management, virtual power grouping, power scheduling and more.

Multiple modes
Device Self-Healing functionality pings connected devices at set time intervals and reboots devices that have locked up. The PDUs ping connected devices every 15 seconds to ensure they’re up and running as intended. If the devices become non-responsive the PDU power cycles the outlet the device is connected to, often resolving problems with access points, networked control systems and other devices to seamlessly keep your network functioning perfectly. The PDUs timer functionality allows it to turn individual ports on and off on a user defined schedule.

SafeStart power-up

Pakedge PDUs leverage boot sequencing and power scheduling to ensure devices like modems, routers, and switches power on in the proper order - ensuring optimal networked device functionality. This is particularly useful for network devices like modems, routers and switches, ensuring they turn on in the proper sequence, preventing errors throughout the network.
Outlet-by-outlet control
Each outlet on the PDU can be controlled in one of four ways, through the device’s web browser interface, through direct email commands to the unit, or through telnet and through the BakPak Cloud Management System, ensuring complete control over connected device power.

Configurable alerts
Audible and e-mail alerts can be configured to alert users to impending power overloads or temperature problems (with optional temperature and humidity sensor) - helping users to protect their AV equipment against failure.

Temperature and humidity management
A full-featured web-based GUI allows complete control over the PDU from any locally connected PC, including complete control over boot sequencing, power scheduling, alerts and self-healing functionality.
Stacked power scheduling
Groups of outlets on different PDUs throughout the network can be assigned daily schedules, allowing easy, automated power control. As an example, all lights throughout a home or office can be set to turn off automatically at 10PM on weeknights, but 12PM on weekends.

Remote outlet-by-outlet control
Port-by-Port power control gives users control over their system from anywhere in the world. Users can quickly and easily name ports for easy identification and control power to their network directly from any smartphone or internet-connected PC.

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