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Pakedge SX-24P16 - 24 port managed gigabit switch with 16 PoE ports

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The Pakedge SX-24P16 switch provides uncompromising top of the line performance with state of the art features. Designed around high performance while maintaining simplicity and architectural aesthetics, the SX-24P16 incorporates functional features and innovations aimed at commercial and technically complex residential projects. The SX-24P16 is the 16 PoE/12 PoE+ port version of the SX family.
Enhanced Security
Pakedge SX switches employ a variety of features to protect the security of your network. These features, when integrated with other Pakedge devices provide an advanced multi-layer level of network security. These features include:

Access Control Lists

Allow or block individual devices based on MAC and IP addresses to ensure only authorised devices connect

Denial of Service Defense

Prevent external attacks that overload networks, shutting them down

ARP Spoofing Prevention
Prevent attacks that tricks network equipment into believing that an unauthorised device is “trusted”

MAC Attack Defense
Prevent an attack that exposes all devices within the network to external access

MAC Filtering
Block or allow devices based on MAC address or port number

Worm Attack Defense
Prevent viruses from spreading to vulnerable devices throughout a network

IP filtering
Allow specific devices to pair to specific ports based on IP address, MAC address or port number
VLANs Made Easy With Pakedge Zones
While VLANs can segment a network into multiple smaller networks and prioritize them the configuration process can be difficult. Enterprise networks can support hundreds of VLANs and managing them can be daunting. Pakedge Zones simplify VLANs for AV networks by breaking them into six subnetworks: management, voice, audio/video, automation, data and guest. Network ports on routers and switches under these subnetworks are color coded for easy identification.

Pakedge Zones
Pakedge Zones make traffic segmentation easy allowing multiple traffic types and even broadcast traffic from devices like IP security cameras to exist on the network without interference. They prevent traffic from flooding your network so that latency sensitive traffic like VoIP can maintain optimal performance.

Enhanced security
Pakedge SX switches employ a variety of features to protect the security of your network. These features, when integrated with other Pakedge devices, provide an advanced multi-layer level of network security.

Remotely manageable
The SX series of switches can be integrated with the Pakedge Bakpak Cloud Management System. Through Bakpak, it’s easy to get a complete overview of your network. Devices connected to any Pakedge switch will show stats and information, while various functions can even be managed remotely.
Port orientation
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Pakedge Zone support
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