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Ceiling speakers

Ceiling speakers are fast becoming the best choice for individuals looking to create high quality home cinema or multi room music systems. The demand for ceiling speakers has increased considerably over the past few years due to the many benefits that they have to offer such as saving precious floor space and hiding unsightly cables.

The added versatility of the in ceiling speaker means that you can experience high quality audio in any room of your home whether this be the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even outdoors. As a discrete and cost effective alternative to traditional cabinet speakers, there is a ceiling speaker perfect for every budget and every application.

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Ceiling speakers work in the same way to that of a normal speaker, with the main exception being that there is no visible wiring. The wires are run directly from the amplifier and are then concealed within the walls or ceiling before connecting to the back of the speaker.

How to choose the right ceiling speakers

With so many ceiling speakers to choose from, how do you decide which speaker is best suited to your individual requirements? Our team of experts have put together a few pointers to guide you in the right direction and help narrow down your options.

Stereo ceiling speakers

Stereo speakers are designed to provide both left and right audio channels from a single unit. Best suited to small rooms such bathrooms or en-suites, stereo speaker are the perfect choice where space is at a minimum.

Speaker size

Generally speaking an 8 inch speaker will produce deeper fuller sound which is beneficial in rooms such as kitchens which have hard floors and surfaces where the sound can bounce around from. Larger speakers are also best suited to larger rooms and will often have increased power handling. The most popular ceiling speakers are those with a 6 or 6.5 inch driver. Speakers of this size are generally no larger than 250mm in diameter and are suitable for most rooms in your home.

Pivoting ceiling speakers

Pivoting speakers such as the Speakercraft AIM series are most commonly used in home cinema set-ups to direct each of the audio channels towards the seated listening position. Ceiling speakers with pivoting drivers are also beneficial when the location of the speaker may not be ideal due to obstructions in the ceiling such as light fittings or ceiling joists. Pivoting ceiling speakers offer great versatility allowing the sound to be directed back in to the room or towards a fixed listening position.

Ceiling speakers for multi-room audio

Multi-room systems make it more affordable than ever for property owners to stream audio to every room of their home with ease. Ceiling speakers are the perfect choice if you are looking for a discreet yet great sounding multi room audio system. And don’t forget, the best ceiling speakers to use with your system are not the most expensive. Our most popular compatible speakers range from £200 - £360 per pair.