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Universal speaker fire hood

Tested and assessed by Warrington Fire, a renowned and accredited UK testing facility to British Standard 476 Part 21 in a standard domestic timber-joist and plasterboard ceiling, the Universal Fire Hood comfortably performed to such requirements. Suitable for all 6", 7" and 8" ceiling speakers.
Featuring a double-skin of intumescent fabric sandwiching a fire-proof foam and with a uniquely designed internal flange providing easy-installation, improved fire and acoustic absorbing performance and protection of the speaker from dust ingress, the universal fire hood is a must for every installation. Plus its one-size-fits-(nearly)-all design means it's likely to be the only hood you need.

Do I need speaker hoods?

Regulations state that fire rated speaker hoods need to be installed below any habitable room or means of access or escape in the event of fire. Generally speaking a two storey house will require hoods to be fitted to all speaker locations on the ground floor, houses with three storeys will require hoods to be fitted to all speaker locations on both the ground and first floor.

For the purpose of safety, we advise that all ceiling speakers be fitted with fire hoods.

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Universal speaker fire hood