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Chord Shawline Digital Coaxial Cable

The Chord Company

The Shawline digital coaxial cable from The Chord Company is hand built in the UK to the most rigorous of standards. Featuring Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, PTFE insulation and a high frequency effective carbon composite shield, this is a cable that is sure to enhance the performance of any music system.

Shawline digital coaxial cables are also available in custom lengths, please call us for pricing.

Digital coaxial cables are not all the same and it doesn’t take much listening to hear that. Detail is great, but it is pointless hearing everything the bass and drums are doing if they’re not doing it together. The Shawline digital coaxial cable brings coherence and detail together.

Shawline conductors are built from silver-plated multi-strand oxygen free copper, insulated with high performance PTFE. This unique shielding has been designed to work across a wide frequency range to reduce mechanical interference and is fitted with silver-plated Chord VEE 3 RCA plugs with PTFE insulation.

The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration improves the interconnect’s capability of carrying a musical signal coherently. The conductors are contained within a specifically chosen outer jacket to ensure flexibility and to further reduce mechanical noise. The result is a transparent and accurate signal that allows your system to perform at its best.

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Chord Shawline Digital Coaxial Cable