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Chord Shawline USB Type A to USB Type B Cable

The Chord Company

A decent laptop dedicated to your music collection and a good USB DAC can be a valid and affordable source, especially if you’re prepared to sit down and experiment with dedicated cables to connect the two together - like the Shawline USB.

Shawline USB cables are also available in custom lengths, please call us for pricing.

Shawline USB cables use a specially developed version of the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry. The cable is hand-built, with USB A or USB B gold-plated plugs and insulated with high performance PTFE. This unique shielding has been designed to work across a wide frequency range to reduce mechanical interference.

The Tuned ARAY conductor configuration improves the interconnect’s capability of carrying a musical signal coherently. The conductors are contained within a specifically chosen outer jacket to ensure flexibility and to further reduce mechanical noise. The result is a transparent and accurate signal that allows your system to perform at its best.

Chord Shawline USB cables are directional, please ensure you order the correct plug configuration to suit your AV equipment.

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