JBL Synthesis SDR-35

The JBL Synthesis SDR-35 has been designed to ensure exceptional performance without compromise. With best- in-class audio and video signal integrity, 16 channels of native processing, Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X 3D, Auro 3D, IMAX Enhanced, Dirac Live, Logic16, Network Streaming, Dante and Class G amplification, the SDR-35 delivers a powerful, sensory-rich experience with unrivaled flexibility.

Immerse yourself

Best in class audio and video signal integrity and processing, as well as uncompromised Class G amplification, ensure exceptional transparency even with the most demanding program material.

An audiophile-grade 24Bit / 192kHz ESS Sabre Pro DAC, combined with Dirac Live room equalization and the exceptional dynamics and low distortion of Class G amplification ensure pristine sound for music and movies.

The Harman proprietary Logic 16 up mixer allows content to envelop the listener with a rich and natural three dimensional sound, no matter the source format.

IMAX Enhanced

The JBL Synthesis SDR-35 is an IMAX Enhanced-certified AV receiver and features DTS:X immersive audio decoding that is optimized to properly reproduce the full dynamic range of IMAX theatrical sound mixes available in IMAX Enhanced content.

With meticulous adjustments modeled on the IMAX theatrical sound system, this proprietary IMAX audio mix is translated for home theater environments and exclusively delivered using a special variant of the DTS:X CODEC technology to deliver the IMAX signature sound experience in the home.

Audiophile quality

The JBL Synthesis SDR-35 leverages the 24bit /192 kHz ESS Sabre 9028 Pro featuring -120dB THD+N for D/A conversion.

The analog circuitry on the input and output stages is optimized for unequaled dynamic range, ultra-low distortion, and unmatched audio clarity.

Carefully designed anti - jitter circuitry and ultra-clean power supplies are incorporated to ensure all audio paths, including HDMI, are uncompromised.