Chord Clearway analogue XLR

Chord have taken the design from the award winning C-line and upgraded all the materials to produce an outstanding value for money, high-performance analogue XLR interconnect. The ARAY geometry conductors are heavier gauge oxygen free copper, insulation has been upgraded to FEP and the shielding is a dual-layer counter-wound heavy gauge foil design.

These improvements mean that the Clearway carries more musical detail, dynamics are better, instruments and voices sound more realistic and there is better definition and clarity. Clearway XLR cables get you more involved with the music you listen to. The design of the cable means that the ARAY conductor configuration can be adapted to produce a particularly good XLR terminated cable. The cable uses identical conductors for the hot, cold and earth connections, this allows for an exceptionally neutral and musically transparent cable. The Clearway Analogue XLR is fitted with Neutrik silver-plated XLR plugs.