Control4 SR-260 system remote and recharging station

The Control4 SR-260 remote control is the perfect hand-held interfaces to your whole home. These beautiful remotes feel good in the hand, have an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation, and are highly customisable. The low-profile charging cradle provides hundreds of charge cycles for years of performance, meaning your SR-260 is always charged and ready to go at the touch of a button.
Beautiful ergonomics and powerful programmability give homeowners the perfect one-handed remote for their whole smart home, from entertainment to smart lighting, security, comfort, and more.

Redesigned button layout makes the media experience more intuitive and easy to use in the dark or with one hand.

Fast and responsive, the remote responds right when your customer needs it.

Multiple custom buttons make it easy to personalize the remote for each room or activity.

Big, bright, higher-resolution screen displays customizable colors and supports for multiple languages.

Perfect for any home worldwide, the remote is available with standard English buttons and international icons.

Control4 SR260 system remote data sheet
Total buttons

Quick access control buttons

2 (Listen, Watch)

Context-sensitive programmable buttons

Transport control buttons

Backlit buttons

160 × 128-pixel 8-bit color OLED
Supports multi-byte characters such as diacritics and Chinese

Light sensor
Yes. Automatically adjusts screen brightness.

Motion sensor

Yes. Wakes remote when motion is detected.
Low-profile charging cradle

Inconspicuous charging indicator that can be dimmed or turned off

Magnetic charging cradle and battery cover assures proper seating of remote control when charging

Lithium-Polymer battery provides hundreds of charge cycles for years of performance