Dynaudio S4-LCRMT

The Dynaudio S4-LCRMT can be placed either way up to optimise the system for the listening position, while a rear switch lets you match their power setting to the number of woofer modules you’ve chosen. There’s also a passive filter bypass setting to unlock an unlimited range of fully active LCR system configurations.

The S4-LCRMT is designed for use with the Dynaudio S4-LCR65W.

Use the S4-LCRMT for...

Multi room audio
Use the Dynaudio S4-LCRMT in wall speaker with multi room audio systems such as Bluesound and Control4.

Home cinema
The S4-LCRMT can be used for front LCR channels or surround channels in home cinema applications.

Best suited to medium and larger size rooms.

S4-LCRMT specification

Sensitivity - 89dB 1W/1m
Long term power - 150 Watts
Impedance - 8 Ohms
Frequency range - 35Hz - 300Hz
Dimensions x depth - 235mm x 213mm x 90mm
Cut-out - 190mm x 213mm

4 inch mid range driver
1 inch tweeter