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Security and access with Control4

A Control4 automated home monitors security cameras, controls your security system and even simulates occupancy while you’re away.

Every Control4 system includes powerful Intercom features that let you monitor and communicate easily with all of the intercom-compatible devices in your home. With at least two devices in your system, you can send and receive high-quality audio and video throughout your home with ease.

  • See who is at your front door before you answer
  • Call a group of intercom devices across your home simultaneously
  • Monitor rooms in your home such as a baby’s bedroom
  • Call from one room to another using Control4 touch screens
  • Open electric gates at the touch of a button
  • Available in table top and wall mounted options

CCTV and security
Integrate the security systems that monitor your property in to your Control4 system and add a wealth of extra functionality and convenience.

  • Monitor your home from anywhere in the world*
  • View live feeds from your CCTV cameras on the TV screens around your home
  • Receive an alert when people enter or leave your home*
  • Activate lighting scenes if your alarm is triggered
  • Receive an alert if a door or window is left open*
  • Control your alarm system from an elegantly mounted touch screen
  • Arm your security system at a touch of a button

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For over 15 years, Control4 has served as the smart home infrastructure for over 450,000 residences across the world. One beautiful, easy-to-use interface gives you simple and fast access to the technology in your home, allowing you to live a brilliantly smart and connected life.