Monitor Audio CP WT150

Offering high impact audio and discreet trimless design for smaller environments the entry-level Monitor Audio CP WT150 in-wall speaker features a 5 inch MMP II bass driver, high frequency level adjustment (+3dB / 0dB / -3dB) and a pivoting C-CAM  tweeter.

Complete with an integrated fully-sealed back box, Monitor Audio’s ‘Controlled Performance’ range of ceiling speakers offer the most direct route to discreet high performance audio in almost any acoustic environment. Unlike open-backed designs whose success is subject to the properties of the wall cavity behind, the CP WT150 will deliver the full potential of Monitor Audio’s award-winning speaker engineering.

Lifetime Warranty

Use the CP WT150 for...

Multi room audio
Use the Monitor Audio CP WT150 in-wall speaker with multi room audio systems such as Bluesound and Control4.

Home cinema
Use for front left and right channels in home cinema applications.

Best suited to small rooms.

CP WT150 specification

Sensitivity - 85dB 1W/1m
Power recommendations - 50 Watts
Impedance - 6 Ohms
Frequency range - 75Hz - 25kHz
Cut-out - 326mm x 207mm
Mounting depth - 96mm
Overall size - 360mm x 242mm

5 inch MMP II woofer
1 inch C-CAM pivoting gold dome tweeter

CP WT150 features

Lifetime warranty
Pivoting C-CAM gold dome tweeter and MMPII bass driver
High overall efficiency
High frequency level adjustment (+/-3dB)
Innovative tri-grip fixing system
Magnetic and easily removable steel grille
Paintable surface
Airtight enclosure design to protect each precision-engineered driver system against the ingress of dust and dirt