Monitor Audio CS180

The CS180 is a two-way ceiling speaker with 8 inch driver featuring Monitor Audio's proprietary MMP II cones coupled with a pivoting version of their acclaimed C-CAM gold dome tweeter. Benefiting from recent design refinements and with 15 degrees of play in all directions, the tweeter's higher resolution output can be directed for ideal imaging and reduced in-room reflections.

Between the drivers, a simple crossover design of high-grade audiophile components ensures a smooth transition from dynamic rhythmic lows to finely detailed highs, completing a naturally clean and wide response.

Lifetime Warranty

Use the CS180 for...

Multi room audio
Use the Monitor Audio CS180 ceiling speaker with multi room audio systems such as Bluesound and Control4.

Home cinema
Can be used for rear surround or Atmos channels in home cinema applications.

Best suited to medium and larger size rooms.

CS180 specification

Sensitivity - 90dB 1W/1m
Power recommendations - 120 Watts
Impedance - 6 Ohms
Frequency range - 48Hz - 30kHz
Diameter x depth - 252mm x 99mm
Cut-out - 213mm

8inch MMP II woofer
1 inch C-CAM pivoting gold dome tweeter

CS180 features

Lifetime warranty
Two-way design with pivoting C-CAM tweeter
Round or square grille options
Magnetic grille fixing
Easy to install tri-grip fixing system
Less than 4" deep for easy installation
Paintable surface to blend with the living environment
Fire retardant to UL-94 VO rating
Splash and humidity proof
Dust protection cover