Monitor Audio W280 IDC

At the heart of the Monitor Audio W280 IDC in wall speaker is a unique Inverted Dual Concentric pivoting mid-range/tweeter module providing up to 18 degrees of play. The W280 IDC can be discreetly positioned, and then the sound can be directed into the desired listening zone by pivoting the IDC driver module to maximize performance.

The Monitor Audio W280 IDC is a compact 3-way in wall speaker featuring an 8 inch C-CAM bass driver for use in discreet theatre or music based applications offering superior performance and flexibility over typical 2-way or fixed angle speaker designs.

Lifetime Warranty

Use the W280 IDC for...

Multi room audio
Use the Monitor Audio W280 IDC in-wall speaker with multi room audio systems such as Bluesound and Control4.

Home cinema
Use for front left and right channels in home cinema applications.


Best suited to medium and larger size rooms.

W280 IDC specification

Sensitivity - 90dB 1W/1m
Power recommendations - 120 Watts
Impedance - 6 Ohms
Frequency range - 45Hz - 30kHz
Cut-out - 387mm x 234mm
Mounting depth - 93mm
Overall size - 441mm x 288mm

8 inch C-CAM woofer. Pivoting, inverted dual concentric module (IDC)
1 inch C-CAM gold dome tweeter

W280 IDC features

Lifetime warranty
Unique IDC dual concentric mid-range / HF module
C-CAM drivers throughout
True 3-way designs
High frequency level adjustment (+/- 3dB)
Boundary compensation control
Match with Monitor Audio RS-CP and Silver RS speakers
Easy to install tri-grip fixing system
Aluminum alloy grilles offer rust-free performance
Paintable to blend with the living environment
Fire retardant materials specified to UL-94 VO rating
Splash and humidity proof
Dust protection cover