Wyrestorm Network HD NHD-400-TX

As part of the new Wyrestorm NetworkHD 400 Series, the NHD-400-RX streaming encoder offers stunning 4K HDR video, multi-channel audio support and 4K/2K auto-scaling to seamlessly handle mixed resolution sources, content and display devices for matrix and video wall functionality when used in conjunction with a NHD-400-RX receiver.
Stunning visually lossless 4K UHD video with HDR and Multi-channel audio up to DTS:X & Dolby ATMOS.

Image scaling - use a mix of 4K and 1080p displays throughout the install.

NetworkHD Touch iPad control app with live video preview and integration with major control systems including Wyrestorm Enado.

Ultra-low latency – less than a single frame.

Powerful Audio matrix functionality - route audio separately from video to any decoder.

Wyrestorm Network HD AV Over IP data sheet
1x HDMI In: 19-pin HDMI type A female

1x HDMI Out: 19-pin HDMI type A female
1x Audio Out: 3.5mm (1/8in) TRS Stereo Jack

Output video encoding


Encoding data rate
Max: 850Mbps - Typical: 150~300Mbps

End to end latency

1 frame latency
720p @60fps: 16ms, 1080i @30fps: 33ms, 1080p @60fps: 16ms, 2160p @30fps: 33ms

Audio formats
2 Ch LPCM & 8 Ch LPCM
5.1 Ch LPCM (Dolby, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS)
7.1 Ch LPCM (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X)

Video resolution using HDMI

640x480i @60Hz 8bit (15m/50ft)
1280x720p @60Hz 10bit (15m/50ft)
1920x1080i @60Hz 12bit (15m/50ft), 1920x1080p @60Hz 12bit (15m/50ft)
Input: 3840x2160p @60Hz 4:2:0/4:4:4 8bit (7m/23ft), @24Hz 4:2:0 HDR 10bit (3m/9.8ft)
Output: 3840x2160p @30Hz 4:4:4 8bit (7m/23ft), @24Hz 4:2:0 HDR 10bit (3m/9.8ft)

Video resolution using ethernet (Cat6/6a/7)
640x480i @60Hz 8bit (100m/328ft Point to Point)
1280x720p @60Hz 10bit (100m/328ft Point to Point)
1920x1080i @60Hz 12bit, 1920x1080p @60Hz 12bit (100m/328ft Point to Point)
3840x2160p @60Hz 4:2:0/4:4:4 8bit, @24Hz 4:2:0 HDR 10bit (100m/328ft Point to Point)
Input: 3840x2160p @60Hz 4:2:0/4:4:4 8bit, @24Hz 4:2:0 HDR 10bit (100m/328ft Point to Point)
Output: 3840x2160p @30Hz 4:4:4 8bit, @24Hz 4:2:0 HDR 10bit (100m/328ft Point to Point)

Color depth
1080p: 16bit, 4K UHD: 8bit, HDR @24p: 4:2:0 10bit BT.2020

Maximum pixel clock

Up to 300 MHz

HDMI 1.4b 3D: TnB, SbS, F.P

1x LAN (PoE): 8-pin RJ-45 female 10/100/1000Mbps, PoE

1x IR TX: 3.5mm (1/8in) TS Mono Jack
1x IR RX: 3.5mm (1/8in) TRS Stereo Jack
Bi-directional Over Ethernet

1x RS-232: 4-pin Phoenix Connector
2 Way (RX only)

Power supply
12V DC 1A


Max power consumption